Tight Son Sends E-Card To Mother

Value by mafleen
Value, a photo by mafleen on Flickr.

OK so everyone may accuse me of being tight, or lazy, or not caring because I sent an e-card to my mum this year rather than a real one for Mothering Sunday! If I’m honest I’ve grown tired of the tradition of sending cards at every occasion throughout the year, miserable as I am! There’s the cost of the card, the stamp, and the environmental implications as well.

Instead I sent an e-card from a UK children’s charity charity card whom my mum used to work for. So the money I saved from a shop purchase (Tesco) went to a worthy place instead, and they were able to claim my tax back. Sorry card creators I haven’t lined your pockets with cash this year. My mum still receives a gesture of my affection and the money goes to a good place. Sorted!


2 thoughts on “Tight Son Sends E-Card To Mother

  1. I’d be happy if my son remembered me on the day. I think it’s fine 🙂 Especially as it’s a charity card. Good on you being you!

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