Easter Reading Wonderland

WonderlandOver the Easter period I have had the opportunity to delve into a few books and enter into another world. This in part is down to the fact that I have joined the masses and bought an e-reader. Two books I felt needed a mention on the blog as they have proved pivotal in my journey of faith are as follows.

The first is Ian Adams book Cave Refectory Road. A book written from the writers own experience living in community and drawing on monasticism of the past. I know that sounds incredibly tedious but give it a chance. The three words hint at the key elements of a monastic way of life. Cave relates to the place of stillness and prayer and retreating, drawing on such as the desert fathers of the past. Refectory explores the sense of community that formed such a part of monastery life based around the meal table. This was for the monks but also the hospitality offered to visitors and guests. Finally the road points to a critical part of any monastery, that of going out into the community and living their faith. I can highly recommend the book, I know it isn’t a novel but it is still a page turner!

Reading Cave Refectory Road prompted me to re-look at my own discipline of prayer. To that end I have been using David O’Malley’s book Prayers To Close My Day. I have been a fan of night prayers for a number of years but this is the best I have come across. The prayers and scripture readings are beautifully written, and have an ability to connect with real life experience. Its heritage is from the Salesian Communities who were influential in offering love to people who suffered as a result of the industrial revolution. If you own a Kindle it costs you little more than one English pound!

Why not enter the wonderland of books and discover a new world outside the normal box of experience.

Image via the seed taken by Hannah Soar.


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