I was inspired to start this blog as a result of attending a training session on the Facebook Generation. I’ve been a Methodist minister for the past fourteen years and currently serve in Helsby and Kingsley, Cheshire. Part of the motivation behind the blog was an opportunity to dialogue with a diverse group of people. I have been  a preacher for 25 years but know I have much to learn. So when I blog about a sermon or reflection my hope is that my congregations will have a forum to respond, either by name or anonymously.

Other than my work I am actively involved in my local RoundTable group serving as secretary this year. I’m a member of the local golf club although no great golfer. I’m also the chief cook and bottle washer in our home.

My inspiration for ministry and life continues to be fuelled by interaction with people. The main blog I personally follow is visualtheology which never fails to inspire. I regularly visit twelvebaskets.co.uk to trawl their library of resources. I read fairly regularly for work and occasionally the words jump out of the page and slap me in the face.



One thought on “About

  1. Hello Steve,

    I read with some interest you sound bite on the wonderful vista that lays before your church in Helsby. Having given numerous talks to a number of methodist groups in north Cheshire and beyond on the varied wildlife of the that view you hold so dear,

    “But, it’s in my backyard”. You a totally correct in your views regarding the eye sores that lay before you across the marshes at Helsby and Frodsham! But, at what cost to the natural life that still survives there? Peel Holdings are a huge company extracting whatever they can from whatever resources they have. So, a tidal barrier across the River Mersey, with the possiblility of starving potentially 35,000 Dunlin (a small starling sized wading bird) that depend on the ebb and flow of that tide. These animals are currently wintering from their breeding grounds in the high arctic. A tidal barrier would effectivly do away with their feeding grounds! Then we come to a collection of gigantic wind turbines scattered across the marshes which would effectivly make a barrier for which they would run the risk from the spinning of the rotar blades or, worst disturbance from the roosting ground on the deposit tanks on the marsh. Perhaps, you should take a leaf from your slightly blurred “visualtheology which never fails to inspire” and think before you write something under whatever catchy tag line you;re looking for. I would be more than happy to give your methodist group a talk one evening and then answer questions in responce to this?

    NIMBY tell it to the birds.


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