The Bible

I’m leading some training on the bible this Saturday for a dozen people becoming local preachers. I’ve decided to go intellectual at the start with this video from VeggieTales creator Phil Vischer. Alternatively I could have used The Bible In A Minute to introduce matters.

Its impossible to hone down the knowledge of the bible into a mornings work, or a video that lasts a minute! The bible has been interpreted by humans since the day it was written and unfortunately there is as much untruth as well as wisdom that comes from that process. I’ve been studying the bible now for 25 years, three of which were in-depth study at theological college. That has given me a respect for the word and a strong desire not to take any verse or chapter out of the overall context. You can practically “prove” anything you like from its pages if you so wish. The skill that I have to instill on Saturday is an understanding of an overview for the bible, and secondly the tools necessary to unpack its truth. Amongst other tools I will be teaching a basic technique for any bible study which is called the 3C’s. I hope it’s of help to someone.

Context – How does any passage fit with its neighbours and the rest of the bible.

Content – What did it say to the original recipients (a commentary is needed for this)

Consequences – What does that mean for people today (living out that truth)

For those that didn’t see an early blog entry about the bible then click on the link below.

Bible Energy


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