Messing Around On The River Weaver – A Night Time Canoe

I went for a little paddle on the river Weaver last night from Acton Bridge to the Frodsham swing bridge, which apparently is about 8 miles. Apart from the driving rain at times, the lack of a sunset and the tranquil scene it was identical to the image above taken by Simon Thomas via Twelvebaskets. We had an inbuilt foghorn with the chap in front  of our boat exerting more effort on his voice box than his paddle power. It did however serve as an early warning system to any wildlife, or any other craft stupid enough to be on the water that time of night.

I’ve never paddled at night time before but thoroughly enjoyed it. A Health and Safety risk assessment might have flagged up one or two issues, such as the “beer boat” support vehicle coming alongside for refuelling once or twice! Yet if we listened to every eventuality of what could go wrong we wouldn’t do anything in life. Last night I felt alive and the kid in me was switched on again with adventure, I also appreciated the flora and fauna that is right on our doorstep but unseen.

Now back to reality, I’ve got four meetings to get through today and a heap of work in-between. However last night strangely fuels and makes sane what I do today!


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