Directionless Isn’t Always A Bad Thing

One of the talks I went to at Greenbelt this year was given by Jonny Baker. The title was “Another World Is Possible” where he used the phrase from the St Paul’s protest to explore if a new world is possible within the church. There was one particular phrase towards the end that struck me. “I have no idea where I am going, anyone like to join me“. In a world where we need clear goals and a strategy to achieve this seems very counter-cultural. If I said at my next church council that I don’t know where I am going with the church, they might well respond that it is patently obvious! Joking aside though we almost assume that we have some idea what we are doing. Yet wilderness dwelling is a time of discovery, a necessary part of moving to a new place. The perception of God’s people in the interim between Egypt and the promised land is negative. Yet for me it is transformational, they discovered much about the Divine presence and about themselves.As we pioneer to a new initiative in a task orientated way then there is a danger that we don’t move very far at all. Drifting and a directionless approach is as critical for our formation today as it was with a people trying to find the promised land.

If you want to hear Jonny’s talk, which was by far the best I went to this year, then you can download it from the Greenbelt website.


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