An Educated Swan!

“Come on fella, move the paper up so I can read the back pages!”

Great shot Andy Mackay has taken which I’ve used via twelve baskets. I suspect the swan is more interested in the possibility of bread, but perhaps I’m doing it a disservice. Reading is our way of gleaning knowledge that teleports us to a new place and has the potential to transform us permanently. Mark Rutherford wrote, “Those writers are to be valued above all others who lay hold of us and gently transform us into a new world”. That can be the back pages of a newspaper Mr Swan and doesn’t need to be highbrow literature. Words and phrases on the Twittersphere can equally move us, or even blogs can shift our thinking and birth a new world thought.

On holiday I always read a novel but now I’m back into work mode I have a pile of books I’m keen to devour. Trouble is which one first, perhaps I should ask the swan?

Naked Spirituality by Brian D. McLaren has to be re-read as I’m “Theme Preaching” on it during October.

Red Letter Christianity by Shane Claiborne & Tony Campolo I’m reading at night because it’s fairly light.

The Prophetic Imagination by Brueggemann I’m desperate to start.

Falling Upward by Richard Rohr looks at a Spirituality of growing older….. that is waiting!

Teenagers by Rob Parsons, I’m saying nothing!

I’ll let you know how I get on in time. If anyone has a powerful book they feel is worth adding to my list then please let me know.


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