Red Letter Christianity

I picked up Shane Claiborne and Tony Campolo’s book at Greenbelt entitled Red Letter Christianity, living the words of Jesus no matter the cost. It is an easy read in order to understand the concepts behind what they are saying, but the implications of it are far reaching and will take more than a life time to implement. The basic premise behind the book is focusing on the words of Jesus, often highlighted in red in some versions of the bible. I’m currently keeping an open mind on whether certain words are more important than others, which they seem to be implying. However I was struck on an early chapter on liturgy and prayer. They both seem keen to promote a disciplined prayer life that uses liturgy as a basis. They talk about the prayer of Examen from the Jesuit tradition. This prayer used at the end of each day reflects on the blessings received, followed by facing up to the sins of the day. We don’t need to know the origins of this prayer to know its worth and how well it is used. They also talk about rosary beads and a structure to the prayer, which might be a new concept to some in the church. Finally they talk about the Jesus Prayer which I have included above. The beauty of this prayer is that it can be memorised and used throughout the day. It can be a mantra as you walk from place to place, and an arrow prayer when feeling stressed. It broadens our horizons and reminds us that we are never alone.

Why not take the opportunity of registering this prayer on your brain today and allowing its truth to infuse your very being. If we continue to pray this then it has the potential to be transformational, a miracle may even happen!

Image by Glen Robson via Twelvebaskets.



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