I Missed The Olympics!

I missed the Olympics, as our summer holiday dropped on the same fortnight as the mega sporting event. Judging from the video above and the haul of medals the party was long and enjoyable. Whilst the family travelled through Europe we were hungry for news, always searching for wi-fi hotspots. Not an easy task in the valleys of Switzerland or remote parts of Italy. But persistence paid off and most days we gleaned sufficient to satisfy our appetite.

It has been encouraging to listen to radio and internet news which has been positive for once with the country being on the crest of a wave, despite the recession! We are a nation of cynics and quick to find fault in any venture, but not this time. The opening ceremony set the scene for a celebration of our nation, followed by a celebration of the Olympic ideal. Certain things inevitably went wrong but they were put into perspective by the euphoria of everything that was good.

In Switzerland we stopped in a hostel alongside a smattering of people from other countries. Some of their traits were annoying, such as the South Korean desire to wash plates without soap and then put them away wet, or rising early in the morning when your room was next door! However meeting people and sharing your journey with such a wide variety of cultures made the holiday even moreĀ memorable.

I know reality has to hit on return from our holiday, or the nation after the Olympics. Maybe switching off the critical, cynical brain for two weeks will have a lasting legacy on us all, and we can see the value in the positive!


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