British Summer is Malfunctioning – Reboot Reboot!

Oh the joy of sitting outside for our meeting yesterday in the Community Peace Garden at Kingsley. The sun was shining, the flowers were full with bloom and all was well. Despite planning our next Messy Church, the outdoor space offered a pause on the day that gave the impression that I wasn’t working. Now all we need is for the summer to be longer than one day as this morning can only be described as dreary. Can someone tell the British summer that it is malfunctioning this year again and needs to be rebooted! Perhaps my memory doesn’t serve me well but I’m with Audrey Anne Hogan in her nostalgic look back on childhood in her poem Olden Days Golden Days used via Twelvebaskets.

When we children went sand castling in the sun,
Making a moat to fill with sea water,
Feeling wet sand on our hot fingers,
As we scooped the sand into a bucket
Then tipped it out to make a turret,
The memory savours these sweet moments,
Putting tiny bright flags on top of our sand castle,
It was a time when there was no hassle,
Sun drenched beaches at Egremont,
And people strolled on the promenade,
We could walk from Egremont to New Brighton,
Even further to Harrison Drive and watch the tide,
Some times with wave’s sky high,
Climb on sand hills take a kite watch it fly,
Whirling twirling in the azure sky,
Have picnics drink lemonade feel the cool stream,
Trickle slowly down your throat,
Global warming was unheard of,
Even so you had your white sun hat on,
Older men wore a knotted handkerchief,
To protect their pate from the burning hot sun rays,
When the ice cream man appeared,
We all got excited and would run,
With hot pennies in our hand,
We lined up at the ice cream van,
With cones spilling over trickling down –
Some times on to paddling pumped feet,
We would pick our way back over pebbles on the beach,
Navigated red sandstone rocks with rivulets and pools.
Such halcyon days were these as I recall,
My childhood golden days spent in the summer sun.

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