Standing Looking At Urinals!

The Turner Monet Twombly Exhibition was on at The Tate Liverpool when I visited last week. Although my camera was out various times that day it was the image above that spoke to me afterwards. The gallery is full of exhibits which would challenge many uninitiated to define it as art. Such as Duchamp’s Fountain showing a urinal, and Jeff Koons Three Balls Total Equilibrium Tank with the basket balls suspended in a box. They both help us to appreciate art in the ordinary.It was that in mind that inspired me to take the shot above. A bunch of teenagers waiting to be let loose on the gallery with a visual of a Monet behind them of water lilies. Whilst each one is unique there is the inevitable herding and pack mentality taking place. Their bright colours and styles are morphed into each other which seems to mimic the image behind. Here are a group of art students waiting to be baptised with potential and creativity on the world.

Art with its beauty and challenge can be found in the mundane, we just need the eyes to see it. Next time you are standing at a urinal perhaps you should see more than a functional item. In the ordinary the extra-ordinary resides. Although be careful standing in public toilets marvelling at the urinals too long, or you will become the object of interest!


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