Free Will Young Concert

I had no desire to go and hear Will Young in concert at Delamere Forest. When asked by my wife to accompany her I was washing my hair that night! The thought of departing with £35 a head to listen to someone I was indifferent about didn’t seem good value for money. So despite a few efforts my wife didn’t get any tickets. Strangely though after finishing our evening meal last night we found ourselves going for a walk in the forest on a path that happened to have the concert venue on route. My daughter, wife and I then had a fun filled walk circumventing the perimeter fencing and various trails to find a vantage point, including holding down the barbed wire fence and squeezing between the venue fence and trees. We eventually decided on the location in the photo with a fine view over the porta-loos! Strangely I found myself swaying to the music and occasionally joining in with the odd word as I was taken up with the atmosphere of other free concert goers. Those around us were more seasoned in the art bringing full on picnic and seating. Although I think taking your night vision binoculars on a tripod is taking it a bit far!

Walking back at the end of the night it dawned on me in the pitch black that I was smiling and had actually enjoyed the evening. A combination of saving three lots of £35, a sense of adventure at the end of a rather tedious office filled day and a feeling that we had beaten the system all contributed to the sense of joy, oh and Will Young wasn’t bad either. It’s “Plan B” tonight and “The Wombats” on Sunday night……. anyone fancy a walk tonight?


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