Messy Church – Moses

We are concentrating on Moses at Messy Church this month. One fascinating incident from his life was the burning bush, Exodus 3 records the response of the inquisitive Moses. “Do not come any closer”, God said, “Take off your sandals, for the place where you are standing is holy ground”.

The omnipresent one could equally have been found in the rock or the ground where he was standing. The bush became the conduit to God found by the receptive mind of Moses. The veil that divides the heavenly and the earthly is often thin, and is punctuated at different stages throughout life. Sacramental moments come in the valley bottoms of despair as well as the mountain top revelations.

It could be that the next time you go for a walk, or pause over a good book, or visit a neighbour that God will be breaking through. Best remember to put clean socks on, you may need to take off your shoes or sandals, for it is Holy ground!

Pencil sketch by Tim Coleman via twelvebaskets


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