Psalm 29 – The God Of Glory Thunders

I’m preaching on Psalm 29 on Wednesday so thought I would drop a little thought about it on the blog. Psalm 29 is thought to be one of the oldest in the Psalter as it’s origins are likely to come from Canaanite worship of Baal. It has then been adopted and amended for worship of Yahweh (Lord), who is mentioned 18 times in the Psalm. The storms would have gathered strength over the Mediterranean sea before depositing their ferocity over Palestine. Not surprising that thunder then, the loudest noise they would have known, was attributed to God.

The psalm isn’t one with a fluffy feeling attached to it, but does remind hearers, ancient and current, that we cannot control everything, ultimately Yahweh is in control, or overarching everything. Whilst a rainbow isn’t mentioned in the Psalm the last verse ends on a more comforting note bringing strength to the people and blessing them with peace.

Base image by Doug Burke via Twelvebaskets


One thought on “Psalm 29 – The God Of Glory Thunders

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