The Squeaky Wheel

The squeaky wheel (ver. 2) by tjdewey
The squeaky wheel (ver. 2), a photo by tjdewey on Flickr.

Just occasionally you get a trolley at the supermarket that has a mind of its own, with one rogue wheel. Rather than being a minor distraction it dominates your thoughts bumping or swerving or squeaking on a route no longer at the mercy of the driver. Just occasionally you can have a day where one individual dominates your radar due to their intrusive comment or brash approach. Such that it impinges on your perception of the whole days experience. Remember the squeaky wheel gets the grease! It is important that the minor distractions in life are put into perspective. Every now and then we do need to grease a wheel or two, but then simply move on to our shopping or our life.

Maybe when the distracting wheel comes along next time a simple prayer should be offered for peace in the situation such as the John Birch blessing.
May the peace of God reign in this place, and the love of God forever hold you tight, may the Spirit of God flow through your life, and the joy of God uphold you day and night.


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