Switch Mind To Silent!

I picked up a cheap book at the weekend parting with twenty English pence (last of the big spenders)! The words above formed one of the reflections from a writer called Baba Ram Dass. The image was taken by Doug Burke of Wast Water in the Lake District. I’m sure we have all experienced a time in our lives when we needed to “escape” in order to properly think. We live in ear shot of a motorway, and its constant drone is intrusive. Yet noise is not unique to a motorway as the superhighway of life can be intrusive as well. Peace can be illusive in modern society yet our minds crave it just as much now as they ever did.

Where is your silent space, the spot you go to for retreat from noise and tasks and responsibility. Wast Water would be great but it isn’t on everyones doorstep, perhaps a forest walk or a soak in the bath would suffice. Yet when our minds are rested and switched to silent then peace and wisdom can come and dwell with us a while.


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