Supersized Society

Married to a dietitian programmes about food are often on in our household. So it was no surprise to find the recent BBC programme “The Men Who Made Us Fat” recorded ready for consumption. In it Jacques Peretti explores the decisions made by the major players in the food industry to make more profit. Whilst the supersize initiative started in a Chicago cinema, the man behind the idea was head hunted by McDonalds and their profits were then McSized. You can still watch the programme on iplayer for those in this country, but failing that I’ve included a clip of the start from Youtube. Jacques embarks on a monumental breakfast at Jester’s diner known as the kids breakfast. So named because the contents of the platter weighs the same as a small child. Looking at the plate of food let alone eating it is obscene.

We all have choices to make and are responsible for our own body and that of our children. That said it is disturbing when society has broken down such that the pound or dollar in your pocket is more important than the welfare of a fellow human being. Because the decision makers and shareholders do not look their customer in the eye anymore there is no customer service, no ethical responsibility. When selfish gain  is our driving force as opposed to living in community then we are doomed. This for me is verging on abuse for the sake of profit, and the implications of it will live on for many years

I’ve blogged about this plenty but two relevant comments can be found at.

Greed Or Need

The Greed Creed


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