Isn’t It Ironic

Strange that these words from Psalm 23 are often used at a funeral service. Irony plays its part to get the point across. Yet they are not only words, people actually feel uplifted in the most difficult of circumstances. The strength doesn’t come from the individuals own resources but from family and friends, and from an inner shalom. The Divine presence seems to be stronger in the valley rather than the mountain top. We can pray the prayer by John Birch below and feel the sentiment of the image by Hannah Soar at any time, but in deepest despair they have added relevance.

Yours is the voice I long to hear
the footsteps I would follow.
Yours is the grace I need to know
the love to be discovered.
Yours is the warmth I long to feel
the presence of a Saviour.
Yours is the vision I would see
the promise of tomorrow.


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