Hope – Grounded In The Song Of The Kingdom

At Cafe Church tonight one of the questions that will be asked is, “What is your hope for the future?” If you are a Miss World contestant the answer to that is world peace, and the ability to work with children and animals! As the majority of us don’t fit into Miss World’s narrow definition of beauty a better answer needs to be sought. I for example could hope to be less follically challenged, or play perfect golf every time I went out, or win the lottery. Yet those “hopes” are flights of fancy with no chance of materialising. Sadly false hopes ultimately lead to despair.

The above words recorded in Jeremiah were to a people in exile, desperate for freedom and a return to their homeland. Their situation seemed hopeless under their own steam. Yet at the heart of this hope was The Lord. The message wasn’t a pipe dream but it was grounded in experience of God’s provision for His people throughout time.

The feeling of trust can be taken on board by us if our hope is in tune with the song of God’s kingdom. That tune of hope can be heard through prayer, reading the bible, in engaging fellowship, and living out the way of Jesus. False hope leads to despair, but true hope leads to a peaceful and prosperous future.

Image and words by Hannah Soar via Twelvebaskets.


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