Laughter – I’ll Have Some Of That Treatment

I don’t think anyone noticed but on Sunday I had the giggles come over me. Trouble was it came at the start of the prayer of Thanksgiving (the words for Holy Communion). Outwardly I just about contained myself but inwardly my sides were splitting apart. Maybe Jesus would have just let go and had a belly laugh at that point but I contained myself. Laughter, so long as no individual suffers is very healthy. Apparently it strengthens the immune system, boosts your energy, diminishes pain and reduces stress. Perhaps I should have shared my humour with the congregation and allowed them to experience these benefits as well.

The above Paul Symonds cartoon is a breath of fresh air. We always assume that a holy person is devout and reflective. Yet Paul reminds us all that Jesus would have shared a joke and a laugh with his disciples and friends. Maybe not at this point in his ministry but at some point!

If you don’t laugh out loud today at some point then go and visit your doctor, he might prescribe a non toxic zero side effects treatment called humour!


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