Iceberg Ahead – Abandon Ship

This image was taken by Robin Solfisburg from the National Science Foundation. It comes from a rich internet resource of free images courtesy of employees from the USA Government.

The  foreboding presence of the iceberg and the menacing antarctic sky is enough to give you the heebie-jeebies. I dread to think what people on the Titanic felt on the realisation that they would have to abandon ship. I visited the Titanic Quarter in Belfast last week and was impressed with the museum, but also staggered that an industry has been created out of this historical disaster. Perhaps a big disaster is important to remember, and put daily matters and worries into perspective. How often can flotsam and jetsam seem a major hurdle, when they are nothing more than a mild distraction.

Living in community gives you a good reality check. For example when you are involved with a grieving family due to the loss of a loved one, then personal minor niggles become just that, minor. Living in community takes more focus away from self and demands us to be more selfless. No one wants to face an iceberg or disaster, but in a strange way they serve to refocus our minds and allows us to appreciate what we have got.



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