Messy Church – Abraham

I’ve included the Marjorie Dobson reflection here, “If God could…” from Twelvebaskets with permission. Perhaps we need to broaden our horizons!

If God could make a promise to a couple in their nineties –
even given that time may have been counted differently in those days –
and assure them that they would be the founders of a new nation –
although they still had no children at that advanced stage in their lives –
and change their names –
even though everyone knew them by their original ones –
and then tell them to go out and get on with it –
even though most people their age would have been thinking of retirement –
and all this was promised in return for a simple request to live good lives –
although that’s what they seemed to have been doing anyway –
what could God do with our lives
if we were prepared to be as faithful and trusting as Abraham and Sarah? 

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