Retrospective Wisdom

My Father-in-Law came out with this quote on our recent trip to see the family in Ireland. It came as a result of my Mother-in-Law suffering a stroke. She is doing very well but will not be returning full time to the hard graft of the family farm. A crisis can often force us to take stock of our situation and the many benefits that we take for granted.

The well in the picture will be passed by countless people each day who are oblivious to its presence. Yet it seems as though it has been providing lubrication to thirsty shoppers for many years. If it happened to stop flowing then their would be an outcry. There doesn’t need to be a crisis, an ending or an anniversary to appreciate what we have got. Why not show your respect to someone or some organisation today that you greatly value, by telling them. Don’t wait for an obituary, or an if only, give them some appreciation. We don’t have to buy into the blame game and culture, there is an alternative. Appreciate the well or wells in your life today, they deserve it!

Base image by Glenn Mander via twelvebaskets


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