A Fishing Boat or The Gloriana?

I’m not sure which one the Queen will choose for the river pageant on the Thames. Although I suspect the two above may be dwarfed by the actual craft used to carry the Queen. I now know something of what Her Majesty will feel like today after the parade and carnival through Helsby yesterday. I sat in a spectacular carriage pulled by two beautifully presented white horses pretending to be Prince Philip sat alongside the local vicar pretending to be the Queen. It was a superb day well organised and it seemed like the whole village was out to cheer and wave their flags.

The celebrations for the Diamond Jubilee will continue throughout the country over this extended weekend and not even the weather will dampen our enthusiasm for them. For once the country and the newspapers seem united in pride for what is taking place, content to major on the positives of our summer of celebrations. Pride is at the forefront of my mind for what happened locally yesterday and what will happen nationally throughout the summer. Pride because our nation is most definitely multi-cultural. The Jubilee celebrations have linked in beautifully with the Commonwealth or nations. Equally at the heart of a good olympics is a unity of nations through their individual endeavour. To have pride in something is fraught with difficulty, and invariably ends in a fall. Yet credit is due for this very special summer , it is a summer to pause and appreciate and give thanks. No doubt the papers will major on recession again in the autumn. However for the moment I for one am pleased that the Queen will not be going down the Thames in a second hand smelly fishing boat, but an 88ft custom built vessel called the Gloriana. A celebration is called for!

Image by Ian Downing via twelvebaskets


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