Is Your Glass Half Empty Or Half Full?

This image by Doug Burke is obviously linked with the famous poem “Footprints” where the individual is carried by God at a time of deep distress. Equally the following prayer by John Birch plays on that theme further.

In our anxiety,
fear and uncertainty,
when hearts are heavy
with the load we bear,
Yours is the peace that calms,
the peace that comforts,
the peace that allows us to carry on,
Yours is the voice we long to hear,
the persistent whisper in our ear,
‘Be still, and know that I am God’,
Yours is the presence in the dark that banishes our fears,
Yours is the hand that guides,
the footprints in the sand.
In our anxiety,
fear and uncertainty,
in confidence we turn to you. 

Yet this image tells us more about the joy of living and the opportunities that come our way than it does purely of difficulty. Not only is there a deep bond between the two people but the backdrop is crying out for appreciation and praise of the Creator. Also the cove seems to cocoon the two characters in an embrace that has the potential for new growth and life. It may be just me but I think the glass is half full here and not half empty!


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