Jubilee Celebrations

Silly outfits at the ready, red white and blue is taking over this country, it must be time for Jubilee. I, like many this weekend will be taking part in Jubilee celebrations for the Queen’s 60th year on the throne. In fact I’ve got to dress up as Prince Philip as part of the procession in my local village. I wonder if I can prepare some inappropriate quotes to throw into conversation throughout the day! As well as the procession there is a fun day happening in Helsby complete with a welly chuck organised by our church. In contrast the following day I’m involved in a meal followed by a service of celebration in one of my other churches.

In preparation for the service I thought it was worth revisiting the meaning of Jubilee found in Leviticus. Every seven times seven years there was a special Sabbath year (every 49 years). Now the year of Jubilee either happened within that year or the following year, the 50th. The key point being that within the Jubilee year debts would be wiped out and slaves would be freed. Effectively people were freed from the bondages of debt to live again.

In more recent times debt has been a major issue in our society. There are many within society who are crippled with debt. TV adverts tell us of easy money and in very small print astronomical interest rates. They are nothing more than loan sharks in nice suits. The thought of the rich and powerful wiping away those debts seems laughable by those in power. Yet it is only very recently that “the rich” and influential have had to ask the tax payer to do just that with their own debts. There is a touch of injustice there I’m afraid.

How liberating it would be if the Jubilee celebrations this weekend had a postscript attached. “Oh and by the way, you are free of debt, you are free to live your life to the full”. If only.


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