Let Go……

I’m always conscious of rushing through life and not appreciating it. Mindful of the tasks I’ve got to achieve rather than the life I have to live. When I get the opportunity to go to the sea, the vastness takes me away from the minuscule, and it slows me down. I had plenty of conversations with people yesterday that all seemed to be occupied with stress and achieving tasks. To do lists are an inevitable part of life but they can so easily dominate, and almost become our God. If we are so hell-bent on the tasks we can miss the mystery of the moment. So the balance between targets and pausing to engage our peripheral vision is a skill that all of us could work on. I know at different stages through my life I’ve admired the achiever and the reflector, but both have their place. Why not see the world in slow motion at some point today, it could be transformational!

Image taken by Hannah Soar, prayer written by John Birch both via twelvebaskets.


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