Random Donation Received – Part 2

I thought I would update you all on the saga of the silent saint who I mentioned in a previous post. For those who haven’t read the post I received a letter addressed to “A Minister, at a Church, Helsby, Cheshire”, with a £10 note inside and no message or clue as to where it came from or what it should be used for. On Friday I received another with the same address and same contents, and the same again on Saturday. Monday was silent but yesterday the postman dropped in a card with the same address on it. This time though there was a Father’s day card inside, and a note on the back of the envelope to the effect, “(Please, Minister, give this to your father on Father’s Day.)” Inside the person has put “To a very old Father” and the financial contents this time was £20! To date then I have received three envelopes and a card, £50 cash, and a very confused little brian. I wonder which word from the David Perry image above best fits the motivation behind these gifts?


One thought on “Random Donation Received – Part 2

  1. You may have come to the same conclusion that I have,it maybe is a person with a confusion of some degree.Have you decided what to do with the £50 yet?Christian Aid or Alzheimers society would both get my vote.
    Aslo ,enjoyed your blog re toddler( Amelia)s adly she is in hospital at the Countess at moment with some sort of infection-not sure what as yet.Worrying ,but will rely on the drs and nurses to help her get better.

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