Does Your Life Reflect the World Or God?

The whole ministry of Jesus can be summed up in the phrase “I revealed your name”. That isn’t a specific name such as Abba or “I AM” but the whole essence and character of God. John 14:7 summarised declares that if you’ve seen me (Jesus) you have seen the Father. God is reflected and revealed in Jesus, and Jesus is reflected and revealed within the disciples. So therefore the domain of God’s kingdom is within the disciples hearts. Yet the passage set for Sunday, John 17:6-19 has a pastoral prayer by Jesus for the sake of the disciples. Despite the domain of the kingdom within their hearts the pre-Pentecost prayer recognises that the future is going to be hard for the disciples. The battle of being “in” the world but not “of” the world will rage on for generations to come. The battle of “in” and “of” will never fully resolve itself but a prayer by Marjorie Dobson gets the essence of it spot on for me. I include part of it here.

Our behaviour patterns are set to your standards.
Our motivation is to care, to help, to heal
and to spread your good news, just as Jesus did.
Our commitment is to love and serve you to the best of our ability
and to allow you to guide our lives.
So we are in the world,
but not driven by its values, but by yours.

Image by Hannah Soar via twelvebaskets


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