Random Donation Received – Wisdom Required

I received this letter yesterday which intrigued me. I didn’t open it immediately as I feared it might be a begging letter and require some additional work. However on opening the letter all that was enclosed was a £10 note, no explanation, nothing. I’m at a loss to know where this money should go so I decided to employ the skill of the blogosphere and Facebook to impart some wisdom. You have the following choices.

1. Place it in the Christian Aid pot, as we are in the middle of their collection week.

2. Buy a gift or meal for someone who needs it most, and ignore the church!

3. Assume it is a test and invest the money wisely following the story Jesus told (Matthew 25:14-30).

4. Put it in the minister’s beer fund so he can enjoy a tipple at his leisure (hick)!

It seems there is a silent saint out there, despite my fun with this scenario that person deserves some respect.


2 thoughts on “Random Donation Received – Wisdom Required

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