The Gospel According To “Love Hearts”

At my service on Sunday based on John 15:9-17 I will be giving out “love heart” sweets, if I can locate sufficient before the service. Love is everywhere! The term love is undoubtedly overused in our society ranging from loving your partner to loving a certain brand of crisps. It was the Beatles who sang that all you need is love, and I’m inclined to agree with them. Yet the Agape loved so often talked about in the bible is associated with an action more than an emotion. The example of an action in John 15 is Jesus giving his own life for the sake of others.

To unlock the kingdom of God then the essence of Jesus’ life should be lived out in us, our actions intertwined with our emotions. This means sacrificing our own desires for the sake of others. A kingdom where love is the key.

However we must all guard against moving into a warped theology of justification through works, which the passage is not saying. If you are around on Sunday come and get your “love heart” sweets in Kingsley!

Base image from David Perry via twelve baskets manipulated by myself.


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