Burnt Cake Is Beautiful – Honest!

This image was taken in France a few years ago but now resides on my desktop wallpaper of the computer. The foreground flowers are close enough to perfect as could be found anywhere. Although in the background is a dead flower, old twigs and plenty of boring greenery. Creation is made up of the spectacular and the mundane, and perfection sits alongside imperfection. For this shot to truly work it needed the background with all its faults to accentuate the foreground.

I was involved in my own bit of creation yesterday as I embarked on a baking frenzy. A Victoria sponge, carrot cake, jam tarts and a cheese and onion quiche were all made, and the kitchen suffered greatly. Sadly my sponge was forgotten about and was less than perfect. A reminder to myself that I’m not the perfect baker and the family had to take the rough with the smooth. I’ve reassured myself that “perfection” isn’t found in creation either. Perhaps perfection, if it was found, would be nothing more than a sterile senseless place. Perhaps burnt cake and dead flowers are OK after all.


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