Dandelions Welcome

On our walk yesterday we passed many manicured gardens that would have been their owners pride and joy. Each having required hour upon hour of back breaking work to achieve perfection. The thought of seeing a dandelion appearing, keen on wreaking carnage on the manicured lawns or borders is enough to bring palpitations to any gardener. Yet in the “wild” they are a beauty to behold, a ray of sunshine on any wayside border, either as a flower or a seed. Yet the rampant weed is eradicated from suburban gardens either for not fitting the colour scheme or the master plan of the resident gardener.

In the parable of the sower in Mark 4 God is the resident gardener. What we perceive as virulent weeds in our churches may in fact be part of God’s master plan. The church has always got to guard against becoming a manicured garden, only accommodating a straightjacket theology and people, after all we are not the master gardener. As we get ever closer to the season of Pentecost it’s worth remembering that the Holy Spirit is often portrayed as a purging fire.

Dandelions of this world are welcome in God’s garden!


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