Innocence Is to Be Treasured

I happened to go out for a spot of lunch with my wife yesterday and observed an event that I want to share with you. Whilst we were eating, a little child who was a similar age to the girl in the picture above purposefully walked around the corner and sat at the table next to us. She then proceeded to place her bag on the table and extract each item in a dignified manner. Mesmerised by this little girl I said something to her, but after acknowledging I was there she ignored me. About three minutes later a lady who was obviously her mum came round the corner shaking her head as if to say not again. We then smiled at each other and the meal was concluded without any further incident. The child was oblivious to any danger. In fact she was oblivious to everything other than her bag of food, and her mum, nor anyone else was going to get in her way.

Perhaps there was a little message for me in this moment. That innocence is an enchanting element that so quickly fades as we “grow up”. There was a purity about the girl as she was unsullied by etiquette or dangers that we often create around situations. In her innocence this diminutive human seemed to bring the pureness of heaven into touch with time. I was given a glimpse of a kingdom value in a busy restaurant on a Friday lunchtime.

Grateful thanks to that unassuming little angel and her uncorrupted message.

Image by Mark Boulton Twelvebaskets


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