Switch That Thing Off!

We gathered as a family last weekend to celebrate my father’s 70th birthday. As you can see the grandchildren were more interested in technology than conversation. Yet this scene is becoming more typical when children and adults gather together, and I’m usually in the thick of it.

Modern technology seems to be about making connections with people across the world, or even connections with the person you are sitting next to! I’m far from anti technology but there are times that it, and we need to switch off.

If we want a balanced fulfilled life then a bit of structure is necessary. The discipline of keeping the sabbath day holy still has merit. I remember in my youth that on Sundays you did precious little, much to my frustration. Yet space fuels the activity of the week. Equally technology 24/7 makes gadget boy or girl very dull indeed. Occasionally we all need to switch off…… and let the small voice of the real context and moment speak.


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