Psalm 28 – My Heart Leaps For Joy

I’m a fan of the Psalms as they express real emotions, and address issues that are as current today as they were to the original hearers. My favourite image from the words of  Psalm 28 is found in verse 3. There the wicked are described as those who speak cordially with their neighbours, but harbour malice in their hearts. It would fit well in any soap opera today. The psalmist reassures himself of the important points of his life recognising that it is futile to let their gossip influence his life. Instead the Lord is his strength and shield. The heart leaping for joy mimics the fluttering heart of a lover seeing their partner after an absence.

It is interesting that whilst the Psalms main thrust comes from an individual, it concludes in a collective form. Perhaps the heart only fully leaps when God’s presence is remembered or realised in unity with others.

Base image by Andy Lindley via twelvebaskets.


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