The Next Move – Choices, Choices?

I don’t know how you make decisions in life. Is it an impulse or a slow reflection analysing the consequences of your choice. Maybe it’s dependent on the magnitude of the option before you. I was asked a week ago to take on a new responsibility within the Methodist District and have now come to a mind. I’m not blogging about the decision as such but the process I’ve gone through to conclude my thoughts. I passed through the following steps.

1. I gleaned as much information about the role as I could, the good and bad, and a realistic assessment on the commitment I will need to give.

2. I didn’t rush any decision, as a minimum I always sleep on the options. For me as a Christian I give time over to prayer, offering a bigger perspective on the situation.

3. I spoke to the wise. I sought the council of experienced people around me, those that know the situation, and those that know only me.

4. Once a decision was made I sat with that choice over another 24 hour period, to be certain I had made the right choice.

I know this is a very rational approach and far from impulsive but I felt that the time commitment of this position warranted the process above. I hope I’m not being too self indulgent with this blog entry. Maybe the process will help someone.

Image by Doug Burke via twelvebaskets


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