Defence Mechanism Up – Ready To Face The World!

I don’t know the source of these two images as a friend passed them to me. If you know where they come from then do let me know, so I can give credit where credit is due.

I asked a group I was leading this week whether there was anyone they could be utterly themselves with. Not surprising, they found the question hard to answer and admitted that even those closest to them are sometimes shut off from your deepest thoughts. The fear is that if we are utterly honest then we will not be loved or accepted anymore, so the defence mechanism of a front or mask goes up. However true love is accepting of our shortcomings and continues to journey with us.

One message of Easter is that the grace of God is sufficient even for the vilest of a person. That is hard to accept as the fear of rejection fuels our reaction and we run from grace. One key job as a Methodist minister is to proclaim through my words and my actions that all are welcome and can enter into the fold of Divine love. I’ll keep on trying.


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