Take A Leap Of Faith

This gate has been in-situ for many years protecting the sheep that at times frequent the field from wandering on to the lane that it adjoins. It doesn’t seem to have been open for some time from the markings on the ground. The farmer seems to scale the left hand side rather than untying the orange string and releasing it.

Gates or barriers often come up in life, some are real, others are imaginary. The baggage of the past can be a barrier to life, as can guilt and the presumed views of those we journey with. If we are not careful the imaginary barriers become as fixed and rarely opened as the gate above. If too many barriers appear on our road then we become stifled and restricted in living.

Just occasionally it is worth reviewing the familiar paths we walk, and taking a leap of faith over one or two of our barriers. If you don’t like what you see, you can always hurdle back over!


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