Evangelism To Litigation

On the day after listening to Chelsea beat Barcelona in the semi-final of the Champions League I came across a fascinating story. Everyone is aware of the inflated revenue in the sport and the potential for prima donna antics by those who play the game. Well it seems that Arquimedes Nganga has gone to the extreme on that front. He is now retired from the game but at his pinnacle reached the third division in his native Portugal. He was then converted to Christianity by a Baptist Church and became a fervent evangelist for a number of years. He has now filed a High Court action against the Baptist Union claiming compensation of £10 million for loss of earnings and psychological damage. This delusional footballer believes that he could have played for Manchester United and is as good as, if not better, than the current crop of players.

So this story comes with a warning. If you are involved in evangelism, and telling people about Jesus Christ then take out some insurance and enlist the skills of a good lawyer, or you might be banged up in a cell and penniless. There’s me thinking that evangelism was about sharing love not greed!


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