Pimp Your Pavement

Are you tired of walking the same path each day to school or work and seeing the same boring path. Why not add a bit of spice to your life and your pavement by getting involved in a bit of guerrilla gardening. There is an initiative started by Richard Reynolds of guerrillagardening.org entitled Pimp Your Pavement that seems a bit of fun. You could be subtle about it with a crafty hole in the pocket and allow seeds to drop through onto the ground. That way within a few weeks new life will spring before you. Each time you walk that path, it will be trod with anticipation and hope. You never know you might even look forward to your daily walk to work! Alternatively you could get involved in some nocturnal activities becoming a gardening ninja. Why not transform a weed infested bed whilst others are sleeping and transplanting in a bit of colour and cheer. Random acts of kindness like this not only put a smile on your face but on the face of complete strangers as well. That’s got to be worth doing!


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