April 22nd – Earth Day

Today is earth day and there is a selection of stunning images from The Big Picture if you click on the link. I particularly like the first image of a ladybird in flight. The day is observed in 175 countries and is now in its 42nd year. It allows us to remember the beauty of the earth and how it is affected by human action. We don’t have to visit a stunning beach like this image by Doug Burke to appreciate it, instead we can find it in our own back garden. Our task is to be good stewards of what we survey.

I include the prayer entitled Environment written by Ian Black

Spirit of God,
who moved across the waters,
bringing life from the elements of that first dust,
lead us to respect your world,
inspire our stewardship,
forgive our wanton destruction,
turn our foolish exploitation,
and give us wisdom to live in harmony
with the earth’s rhythms and natural balance;
to the glory of the one who is our beginning and our end, now and always.

Taken from Prayers for All Occasions by Ian Black


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