Butter Wouldn’t Melt!

This image is of my daughter and her little friend Georgia taken whilst we were away in the Yorkshire Dales last week. Sixteen people gathered for five days at what we call Support Group.  Four Methodist minister’s, four spouses and eight children. We have been meeting together for seventeen years and never a cross word said between us….! Well we are human after all. Disagreement is inevitable, if not essential for a group to flourish and grow. I’ve blogged about coming out of your comfort zone before in Bubble Dweller Or Bubble Breaker. Our background, current situations and hopes and aspirations are all different, and that is what makes it so invaluable. The other crucial part of Support Group is that we have journeyed together through so much, and all needed the encouragement of the collective at times.

The disciples will have had difference of opinion during their time together, some of it is documented in the gospels. Yet the bond between them would have been strong, despite those rifts. Because of the shared journey they were able to move mountains and impact their message to the world.

Needless to say that there was never a cross word between the two in the picture, butter wouldn’t melt!


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