Cafe Church – Nooma (Tomato)

This weeks Cafe Church, Wednesday 18th April 8:00 pm at The Hurst Kingsley will be looking at the theme of self worth. As part of the evening we will be watching the Nooma video Tomato which is classic Rob Bell. Whilst his content will not stretch a theology student, he is most definitely accessible to the populous. Better that than an accusation of being clever but irrelevant!

He explores a theme of death and life using a humble tomato, then Jesus and moving on finally to ourselves. There isn’t an obvious connection but he happily weaves one. It seems that it is a knitting together of Matthew 10:39 and John 12:24 that helps the flow. The former text’s conclusion is “whoever loses his life for my sake will find it.

Society is obsessed with being successful and subconsciously projects that persona to those whom it meets. The biblical stance found in the Psalms as well as the text above is that we need to discard, or die to this way of living. Strangely if we do choose to relinquish this way of life, then the promise is life in all its fulness. Hence the inclusion of the image above rather than a big fat tomato. This change in priorities is never easy to achieve but requires a life long journey of discovery, that is commonly called discipleship.

For those that attend we will not be popping tomatoes all night, cakes are a must at Cafe Church!

Image by Thomas Mathie Twelvebaskets


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