Resurrection – Just An Empty Tomb

The empty tomb is sufficient to believe for the disciple whom Jesus loved. No Emmaus road, no eating of broiled fish, just an empty tomb. The women wondered if the body had been stolen, Peter didn’t know how to react, but Jesus’ teaching had prepared this particular disciple for what he now saw. It was as if he believed before he believed, if that makes sense. His faith in the Messiah, in the midst of their human journey, was a huge catalyst and receptor to this moment.

The earliest manuscripts of Mark’s gospel have no physical appearance of Jesus, just an empty tomb and an angelic message. So it seems for some gospel writers and some disciples the stone being rolled away was sufficient.

The days that followed saw Jesus appear physically to disciples and followers. Jesus’s heart monitor was beating stronger than ever before. Pentecost was around the corner and the ECG was pulsing from an individual to a people. Death could not hold Him, the beat goes on, the music and rhythm of that moment lives on throughout the world.


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