Executioner’s Tool Jewellery Selling Well!

The jewellery hangs around your neck and wrist with colour and symbol of wealth. Thousands are sold each year, sometimes as a statement of faith though often people being oblivious to its true meaning. The brutality of this executioner’s tool softened over time to adorn necks and bring beauty.

You don’t see many people with a symbol of an electric chair round their neck, funnily enough! Marjorie Dobson’s reflection below starts to unpack the brutality of the cross and the hope intertwined within it.

Rainbow Cross

Suffocating night 
the broken bloody body 
hammered hard, 
staining scarlet 
that cross 
of rough-cut wood
and thunder crashed 
the doom of death.
Then darkness fractured, 
light splintered, 
fragments of colour 
shot out into the brilliance 
of a multi-coloured Easter morning 
in a green garden.
And an empty cross 
images the promise 
of the death-defying dawn 
of new hope.
©Marjorie Dobson
Downloaded from http://www.twelvebaskets.co.uk

Image by Hannah Soar


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