EGGstravagant Easter!

Poached are my favourite, closely followed by fried eggs accompanied by left over new potatoes. If I’m camping then the only way to go is with eggy bread (it never tastes the same at home)! If I’m being posh, I will happily sit down to a plate of eggs Benedict rather than a full English, but that’s just showing off!

Failing all that I will resist all eggs from the rear end of a chicken to devour the chocolate variety, and that time is almost nigh, resist the temptation resist…… I wonder how many children are physically sick on Easter Sunday because their eyes were bigger than their bellies.

According to a survey 50% of children in the UK thought that Easter was all about chocolate, fluffy chicks and cute bunnies…. bless. I knew that eggs are given as a symbol of new life and hope. What I didn’t know was that it also represents the stone rolled away from the tomb where Jesus lay. I might just have to buy another egg for myself to remember that fact and devour the lot.

Last year was the first offering from The Real Easter Egg company which included a message about the Easter on their box. You can see their website by clicking on the link, The Real Easter Egg Company. Also there is an interactive Easter story that they have put together that is worth a look, Interactive Easter Story.

Enjoy your eggs everyone and remember eating one on Easter Sunday doesn’t have to feed your face it can feed your faith!

Image by Richard Harris


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