Jesus Is Anointed – Uber-Love

I’ve been exploring the impact of Holy Week on the disciples and those Jesus came into contact with during Lent this year. Peter’s denial is one example which I explored visually in Maundy Thursday – More Than Foot Washing. Here I’m staggered by the extravagant love of the woman who anointed Jesus with perfume. Cutting across protocol and the indignation of the bystanders the most intimate moment is witnessed. The response of the small crowd is predictable and voiced. Jesus’ response is surprising, “the poor you will always have with you”. Jesus is consumed by this act of love in his hour of most need. That beautiful intimate moment has been remembered since and cuts across religiosity and perceived protocol. The woman’s actions are a catalyst to my own faith and response to the Messiah.

The words are taken from the first part of Michaela Youngson’s poem Jar and Nard. The base image was taken by Jonathan Miller sourced from Twelvebaskets.


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