Easter Preparations – Anyone Got A Donkey?

This is Applecarts take on Andrew and Peter’s prep for the triumphal entry into Jerusalem. You can find additional information via their site Applecart, and preview videos at Twelvebaskets. However stealing or borrowing a donkey isn’t on most peoples list of tasks for Holy Week!

I offer you a more sedate list of simple activities that will help in your preparations for Good Friday and Easter Sunday. They are activities that all ages can get involved in so can be a family event. I hope you find them of use.

From Palms To Passion To Praise
Take a few moments to think about your life and anything you may have done wrong. Write these on a piece of paper to make your confession before God and then shred or burn the paper as a sign of God’s forgiveness.
Burn some incense or essential oil or spray some aftershave or perfume (provided you are not allergic to it). Take time to savour the fragrance and to think of the story of the woman anointing Jesus.
Take time to wash your own or your family’s feet and recall the story of Jesus washing the disciples’ feet.
Before you eat this evening take a few moments to think about the story of the last supper. Take a piece of bread and a glass wine or juice and after a few moments break the bread and eat it in silence (and pass it round if you are eating with others). Then drink a sip of the wine or juice.
Take time today to watch, listen to or read the news. Think about and pray for areas of the world where people are experiencing suffering or death.
Spend some time (maybe upto an hour) in silence today. This may be hard to do as a family but is not impossible as children will often want to join in – adjust the time according to what you think is possible.

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