Maundy Thursday – More Than Foot Washing

Peter plays a key part in the gospels and the build up to the crucifixion is no exception. The rooster’s shrill call would be a nail in his own coffin. He moved from an intimate moment of foot washing, to denial, not once, not twice, but three times.

Peter was given the name “The Rock” by Jesus, but it was on him whom the church was formed. Even though he rejected abandoned and denied him, Peter was accepted. Each time a rooster called there afterwards the knife must have turned one more time in his side, followed by a cleansing healing grace in memory of Jesus’ sacrifice.

Luke 22:34 and the corresponding verse in Matthew’s gospel are a telling reminder for each of us that Maundy Thursday had a chilling conclusion, which was a foretaste of Good Friday. Three times he denied his Lord, three days he had to wait, wait, wait………..


3 thoughts on “Maundy Thursday – More Than Foot Washing

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